Sparrow House Bound

July brings the opportunity to gather at the Sparrow House with family and friends and we can’t wait to get there!img_6186Here we come…Utah bound!  Heading to the Sparrow House to celebrate our first ever Sparrow House BBQ for friends, family and neighbors!

Celebrated the 4th of July at Miller’s Outpost in Heber City, Utah with lots of friends and fun and food!

Sparrow House fun always includes the bunk room, neighbor friends and BYU!

Bean Museum
Lego Temple at the Bookstore
Cosmo Cougar
Graham Canyon Ice Cream

David and Rose arrived from Wyoming with a baby bird rescued by Rose.  And then there was ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream.

Enjoying the view and relaxing with Pop Pop!  Great memories and happy times!

img_6328Time here always goes so very fast even though it’s at a slower pace…

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