Younique Training – First Event!

Miriam used the Sparrow House for training for Younique presenters – yes! Any excuse to get to go back to the House. Michelle joined me and I had a fun filled weekend complete with shopping with Liesel for new curtains for her new room. But I digress – First, Younique Presenters and friends met at Younique Headquarters for a fun tour of the facility. We then met at the House for a tour and then training. Our trainers were Kellie Collet, Soley Mathiesen, and Miriam who taught us some new tricks and helped us set inspiring goals for the next 6 months.

Training was followed by dinner – Chicken Salad Stuffed Croissants, Fruit and Miriam’s favorite, delicious cheese. Dessert was made by yours truly, Lemon Buttermilk Pound Cake with Raspberries and Chocolate Layer Dessert (recipes are in the recipe section of this blog).

There was some time for chit chat, making new friends and reconnecting with long time friends, which is always the best part to me.

It was hot and I must admit to still learning how to use the high tech electronic devices that control the temps…oops! Practicing for next time.

*If you’re interested or curious about Younique Products, a link has been added to the side or you can message me. Of course, we Love Love Love them.

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