Grandkids’ Visits Are the BEST!

“Grands” came to stay the night and it was wonderful having them at the Sparrow House.  They were very excited, eager to help with anything —- and so very grateful for everything I did – of course, they can come anytime they want!  We had lots of snacks for hungry Asher, discovered the “vintage” Lego I had, watched movies, stayed up late, did a little reading, and they helped grandpa move rocks like champs!  I am a lucky women to have such terrific grandchildren in my life!

Quote of the day  – “I need to come back when there’s nothing to do so I can sit and read.”


Graham Came to Visit

Graham came to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a week.  He was the perfect 4 year old and because he was there it snowed just for him – in April.  He loves the house and helping.  He helped grandpa in the yard; played with Lego; and enjoyed his cousin play time and sleepover.  He did keep telling us how much he loves skiing and begging us to take him again.



First Overnight Guests – January 2018

No – reality does not set in this quickly.  It still seems like an unreal dream and we wonder why we are at someone else’s home…

Our first guests were Joy and Seth and their beautiful grandchildren, Lily and Lucias.  We decorated, put dishes and Christmas away, bought a washer and dryer, celebrated the New Year and ate Teddy Bear Pancakes.  They were a huge help with my wounded hand and I was extremely grateful to Seth for hanging the Sparrow House quote in the hallway!