The 1st Ever Sparrow House BBQ

20180707_182845Longtime friends, new friends and family gathered together in the stifling heat to enjoy each other’s company and delicious food.  Water was added to the bouncy house to cool the little ones off.  Sparklers were a plenty for everyone.  David added excitement with a nice array of fireworks imported from Wyoming.    It was delightful to enjoy the company of such great friends and family who came from far and near.  We are truly a blessed bunch!  Special Kudos to Janene for the Lisa’s Bon Appetite…a blast from the past!

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Attendees included the Kuohas, the McEuens, the Cutlers, the Zimmermans, the Emmetts, the Winslows, the Pickups, the Robinsons, the Fords, lots of neighbors and more..  Thank you all for the delicious food you brought, the fun we shared and the joy of catching up with you…Let Freedom Ring!  This may have to become an annual event per requests!



Sparrow House Bound

July brings the opportunity to gather at the Sparrow House with family and friends and we can’t wait to get there!img_6186Here we come…Utah bound!  Heading to the Sparrow House to celebrate our first ever Sparrow House BBQ for friends, family and neighbors!

Celebrated the 4th of July at Miller’s Outpost in Heber City, Utah with lots of friends and fun and food!

Sparrow House fun always includes the bunk room, neighbor friends and BYU!

Bean Museum
Lego Temple at the Bookstore
Cosmo Cougar
Graham Canyon Ice Cream

David and Rose arrived from Wyoming with a baby bird rescued by Rose.  And then there was ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream.

Enjoying the view and relaxing with Pop Pop!  Great memories and happy times!

img_6328Time here always goes so very fast even though it’s at a slower pace…


Younique Training – First Event!

Miriam used the Sparrow House for training for Younique presenters – yes! Any excuse to get to go back to the House. Michelle joined me and I had a fun filled weekend complete with shopping with Liesel for new curtains for her new room. But I digress – First, Younique Presenters and friends met at Younique Headquarters for a fun tour of the facility. We then met at the House for a tour and then training. Our trainers were Kellie Collet, Soley Mathiesen, and Miriam who taught us some new tricks and helped us set inspiring goals for the next 6 months.

Training was followed by dinner – Chicken Salad Stuffed Croissants, Fruit and Miriam’s favorite, delicious cheese. Dessert was made by yours truly, Lemon Buttermilk Pound Cake with Raspberries and Chocolate Layer Dessert (recipes are in the recipe section of this blog).

There was some time for chit chat, making new friends and reconnecting with long time friends, which is always the best part to me.

It was hot and I must admit to still learning how to use the high tech electronic devices that control the temps…oops! Practicing for next time.

*If you’re interested or curious about Younique Products, a link has been added to the side or you can message me. Of course, we Love Love Love them.

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The Sparrow House is Coming to Life

I feel very blessed to have an unexpected, quick trip to the Sparrow House for a Younique meeting. It has enabled me to witness the outdoor life being restored to this special home. I cannot imagine all of the animals, birds and plants that have lived here since 1888, but today I saw blackbirds, robins, tanagers, currents, raspberries, asparagus, peonies, hydrangeas and laurel coming to life. They are all so beautiful, especially in the quiet hours of the early morning.

Here are a few that I was able to capture…

The Robins and Tanagers are all over in the mornings.  I don’t know how old the climbing rose is but it’s been here a long time!  The other roses are new and our first blooms; as is the lavender.  Next you see our first Fuji Apple and our First Peach.  The Crab Apple Tree has been here forever I’m told – I believe it.  It is huge and loaded with fruit.


Grandkids’ Visits Are the BEST!

“Grands” came to stay the night and it was wonderful having them at the Sparrow House.  They were very excited, eager to help with anything —- and so very grateful for everything I did – of course, they can come anytime they want!  We had lots of snacks for hungry Asher, discovered the “vintage” Lego I had, watched movies, stayed up late, did a little reading, and they helped grandpa move rocks like champs!  I am a lucky women to have such terrific grandchildren in my life!

Quote of the day  – “I need to come back when there’s nothing to do so I can sit and read.”


BYU Women’s Conference

Joy and I attended our first BYU Women’s Conference while staying at Sparrow House.  Two days filled with inspiring speakers and uplifting classes.  I even ate from my first ever food truck – delicious.  We cannot wait to attend again next year, and the year after that…



img_5714Janene Zimmerman and Joy Kuoha — friends meeting friends —>Priceless!

Here is a link to one of our favorite talks; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry; you’ll be a better you —



Graham Came to Visit

Graham came to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a week.  He was the perfect 4 year old and because he was there it snowed just for him – in April.  He loves the house and helping.  He helped grandpa in the yard; played with Lego; and enjoyed his cousin play time and sleepover.  He did keep telling us how much he loves skiing and begging us to take him again.



First Overnight Guests – January 2018

No – reality does not set in this quickly.  It still seems like an unreal dream and we wonder why we are at someone else’s home…

Our first guests were Joy and Seth and their beautiful grandchildren, Lily and Lucias.  We decorated, put dishes and Christmas away, bought a washer and dryer, celebrated the New Year and ate Teddy Bear Pancakes.  They were a huge help with my wounded hand and I was extremely grateful to Seth for hanging the Sparrow House quote in the hallway!