The 1st Ever Sparrow House BBQ

20180707_182845Longtime friends, new friends and family gathered together in the stifling heat to enjoy each other’s company and delicious food.  Water was added to the bouncy house to cool the little ones off.  Sparklers were a plenty for everyone.  David added excitement with a nice array of fireworks imported from Wyoming.    It was delightful to enjoy the company of such great friends and family who came from far and near.  We are truly a blessed bunch!  Special Kudos to Janene for the Lisa’s Bon Appetite…a blast from the past!

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Attendees included the Kuohas, the McEuens, the Cutlers, the Zimmermans, the Emmetts, the Winslows, the Pickups, the Robinsons, the Fords, lots of neighbors and more..  Thank you all for the delicious food you brought, the fun we shared and the joy of catching up with you…Let Freedom Ring!  This may have to become an annual event per requests!


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