Restoration, Win This House

The Reveal


Our family gathering – some traveling from far and some from near.  So happy to have a reunion and share this monumental moment together.  It’s 3 a.m. Saturday morning and we’re all smiles.

It was a sweet arrival and each day was filled with so many thoughtful moments from Candis and Andy…

Found a fun sign hanging in our room!

Helpful notes:

It’s been such a whirlwind these past 4 days.  We are being led into a beautiful home that will be ours.  A home that feels like Candis and Andy created just for me with all of my wish lists checked off.

Here I am with Ray, Candis and Andy as we head over to see our new home, blindfolded of course.  No, I’m not cold – just so excited I might explode!

As we were being led inside the Sparrow House there was a neighborhood and family party going on outside – complete with what I heard was a delicious lunch.

People keep asking me if it seems real yet – no.  I think everyone else thought it was real long before I did.  Even during filming I’m peeking around corners and trying to soak it in – to feel like it is for real.  Rose on the other hand, has it down – no doubts, all smiles and joy!


Part of our very happy clan!

An appropriate end of photos before dinner.  Two tired and happy troopers who I hope will have many happy memories at Sparrow House throughout their lives.img_4764

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